BLS: Provider must be able to perform high quality cpr and demonstrate competency in adult (ACLS) or pediatric (PALS) CPR and AED use

ECG Rhythm Interpretation: Provider must be able to recognize – on a monitor and paper tracing – rhythms associated with ACLS or PALS. These rhythms include but are not limited to NSR, Bradycardia, Wide and Narrow Tachycardia’s Aystole, V-fib, Pulseless V-tach and A-V Blocks ( first degree, 2nd degree type I, II and Third degree)

Pharmacology: Provider must have a basic understanding of the essential drugs used in; Pulseless arrest, Bradycardia, Tachycardia with adequate perfusion and Tachycardia with poor perfusion.

Combination of the above. Provider must be able to combine excellent BLS with ECG recognition and Pharmacology.

Prerequisites for BLS Courses: All BLS Students are required to have a current provider manual to attend class. Please study ahead of time. We will be covering a lot of information in a little time.