The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is currently restructuring the way that they conduct the online NRP course. Students are currently being directed to in order to complete their course online.

With the release of the 6th edition of the NRP, the American Academy of Pediatrics developed a Written Evaluation Online tool, which allows you to take the NRP test / evaluation at your convenience. After completing a self review of the course manual, and you feel you have mastered the required lessons, you can register for the online written evaluation.

Once registered, you have 14 days to complete the lesson evaluations. The new online written evaluation is easy to use, has 24-hour access, and is time saving.

General Information

RCPALS will perform a short skills check / Megacode with a performance checklist to verify competency of the required skills.

Online evaluation must take place prior to evaluation of Performance Checklists and/or Megacode.

After online testing is complete, print the certificate that states the date of successfully completetion. You must present this to the RCPALS within 30 days of completion as evidence of successfully completing the online exam.

If 30 days pass without completion of the Performance Checklist component, the online test becomes invalid. The 30 days start on the day that the learner takes the examination the first time. The fee is not refundable.

Course Details:

This course is designed specifically for healthcare providers who need an American Academy of Pediatrics NRP card, Providers and Renewals. This course covers everything except the hands-on practical components.

You will have multiple attempts to review and pass the online exam. Additional exercises and video clips are available for review purposes on the student CD that comes with the manual, to help you refresh your hands-on skills. You must achieve a passing score in order to print a certificate that documents completion of the online portion and enables you to schedule a skills check with RCPALS.



• National AAP skills check, $ 100.00

• National AAP skills check, $ 80.00

Steps of registration for AAP/NRP online:

• Register for your NRP Skills Test through
• Go to and purchase your Online NRP Course
• Take exam
• Print the Certificate of Completion
• Bring certificate to RCPALS for a short skills evaluation
• Cards are generally given the same day