Save time with courses online!

Busy healthcare providers often need an alternative to traditional, classroom-based ACLS training. HeartCode ACLS is the official, self-directed, comprehensive e-learning program from the American Heart Association (AHA). Learners complete an interactive, cognitive portion that includes ten realistic patient microsimulation scenarios covering the ACLS algorithms, a team dynamics lesson, and access to AHA textbooks. Once the student has successfully completed their online course they may take their skills test. Skills tests may be completed at RCP Advanced Life Support’s Anaheim office. Once the skills test has been successfully completed the student will receive their official AHA ACLS Card. With HeartCode ACLS, students will not only benefit from a convenient online based course, but will also save valuable time.

Improve ACLS Skills
•Receive instant, objective feedback and evaluation
•Standardize and maintain the highest level of staff competency
•Utilize instructor resources where they make the biggest impact

Save Time

•Complete certification process faster than a traditional, classroom-based course
•Eliminate the need to wait for scheduled class times

Helps Reduce Costs
•Free up limited instructor and classroom resources
•Eliminate the cost of replacement staff to cover class time
•Decrease or eliminate textbook expenses


•Realistic patient cases using microsimulation technology
•Intelligent debriefings explain incorrect and correct actions
•AHA Reference Material (access to all lessons from ACLS textbooks)

“HeartCode ACLS is a very powerful, interactive course that challenges the skills necessary to feel competent in advanced emergency cardiac care.”